Batesville Bassmasters

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Tournament Results
(Updated as Completed)

Place and Teams
 Total Weight
 Place and Teams 
 Total Wight
   Greer's Ferry Lake
      Season Opener
McMahan and McMahan
Paladino and Moser
12.64 lbs

 11.48 lbs  8.72lb BB
Anschultz and Anschultz
Starzy and Shelton 
10.90 lbs

10.07 lbs
        Norfork Lake
 2nd Points Tournament
Mathews Graddy
Barker Hill
 16.51 lbs
 15.49 lbs and 6.92 BB
Keister Prescott
Jerrell Bigham
Thorne Thorne
15.39 lbs
14.27 lbs
14.27 lbs 
   Greer's Ferry Lake
       Triangle Open
1st Chandler Smith
2nd Myers Chris
3rd Taylor Middleton
4th Fife Davis
16.81 lbs with 8.02 BB
16.02 lbs
13.92 lbs

13.77 lbs
5th Holt Ellis
6th Evans Luther
7th Zimmermon X2
8th Tulney Bowman
9th  Middleton Alpers
13.42 lbs
12.71 lbs
11.84 lbs
11.62 lbs
10.07 lbs
    Bull Shoals Lake
3rd Points Tournament
Starzy Shelton
Boyett Head
17.21 lbs
17.20 lbs and 5.27 BB
Johnson Scoggins 
16.04 lbs 
 Lake Dardenelle
4th Points Tournament
 5/4 &
 Table Rock Lake
5th Points Tournament
 Norfork Lake
6th Points Tournament
 lake Dardenelle
7th Points Tournament
 Lake Norfork
Night Time Open
 White River
White Rive Bass Classic
    Lake Dardenelle
 8th Points Tournament
 Greer's Ferry
Final Points ournament                                          
 10/13 &